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My words which I have put in your mouth shall not depart from your mouth, nor from the mouth of your children, nor from the mouth of your children’s children…”

 Many social service agencies cannot relate to the unique cultural and linguistic barriers that exist for newly arrived Russian Jewish immigrants.

Judaism is a religion of action. Under the best circumstances, the mitzvah of Bris Milah is the first action parents take to affirm their commitment to the covenant of Abraham and to bring their child into the Jewish heritage.

The transition into manhood is a powerful experience for the Children of Israel. At Bar Mitzvah, a Jewish man takes on the mantle of Torah and is accorded the holy privileges and deep responsibilities of adulthood under Jewish law.

Jewish children of all levels are vulnerable to the pervasive assimilative forces of television, media, and the Anglo-American education tralize these threats, FREE

The summer vacation from school is a critical time in youth development. The time can be blessed with growing, learning, and enjoying life’s opportunities.

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The Jewish community united in mourning Tuesday, upon the passing of Rabbi David B. Hollander. Rabbi Hollander, who at his death was the leader of
October 1972, FREE's Holiday Awareness Campaign introduced the first Sukkah Mobil, by building a large 20 foot Sukkah...
Sunday August 7, 1973, FREE held its first Gala Bar Mitzvah Ceremony for fourteen young refugees at camp FREE Gan Israel Summer Camp.
Celebrating FREE's 85th Circumcision at the Grand Ballroom of the Jewish Center 667 Eastern Parkway, on December 28th 1975.
One of FREE's Gala Bar Mitzvah ceromonies at Camp FREE/Gan Israel, located in Kiryat Gan Israel, Parksville, NY. Special delegation ...
Sunday, May 25, 1975. Renowned tenor Jan Peerce, FREE’s distinguished late president, held his first FREE benefit concert at the Alice Tully Hall.l
Celebrating FREE's 135th Circumcision at the Main Ballroom of the Brooklyn Jewish Center, 667 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY.
July 1, 1982: FREE Circumcision Program reached a record of performing its 2,000 circumcision. Pictured is: Rabbi Meyer Schechter.
Sunday August 15, 1976, FREE held its first Gala Pidyan Haben Ceremony at camp FREE Gan Israel Summer Camp, Parksville, New York.

Historic Photos

The First Sukkah Mobile

First Gala Bar Mitzvah Ceremony

FREE’s 85th Circumcision

Gala Bar Mitzvah Ceremony

Jan Peerce held his first FREE benefit concert

Celebrating FREE’s 135th Circumcision

FREE’s 2000th Circumcision

First Gala Pidyan Haben Ceremony

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