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Youth Clubs

Jewish children of all levels are vulnerable to the pervasive assimilative forces of television, media, and the Anglo-American education tralize these threats, FREE

 operates a offered in the public school system. These forces are compounded by the attendant awkwardness of adolescence, peer-pressure, and perils of today’s drug-culture.
To actively neunumber of popular youth clubs. FREE’s youth clubs provide a rich program of sports, games and creative activities, peer interaction, and study of Jewish heritage in a comfortable and informal setting.

FREE’s experienced counselors attend to each youth on his or her own level. The individualized attention combines with the entertaining and educational programming, to provide a Jewish lifeline to our youth at a most difficult time of transition.

Our radition teaches that a young mind will not remain empty. It is hungry, and will seek to fill itself with whatever is available. Rather than allow unhealthy, foreign, and often dangerous things to enter the minds of our youth, FREE Youth Clubs offer healthy, Jewish, and growth oriented alternatives to Russian Jewish youth.

For more information, or to enroll in FREE’s Youth Clubs, please contact FREE Headquarters (718) 467-0860.