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Judaism is a religion of action. Under the best circumstances, the mitzvah of Bris Milah is the first action parents take to affirm their commitment to the covenant of Abraham and to bring their child into the Jewish heritage.

Chief Rabbi of Melbourne, Australia is honored to be the sandek of F.R.E.E.’s 9000th circumcision.

Most Jewish males from the former Soviet Union have never been circumcised due to the long-standing communist prohibition of Jewish religious practice.

From its inception, F.R.E.E. has been working to repair the policies of Soviet Russia, notifying Eastern European Jews that this spiritually crucial ceremony is available completely free of charge. F.R.E.E. meets with interested families and fields all manner of questions.

Additionally, F.R.E.E. explains the mystical benefits of Brit Milah, and its positive effects on the generations to come. With the fear of communist reprisal behind them, FSU Jews have responded favorably over the years, leading to over 15,000 Jews of all ages, perfecting the relationship with their heritage through this ancient and extremely important mitzvah.

F.R.E.E.’s circumcision program has attracted the respect and support of Rabbis the world-over. As reflected in our gallery of photographs and rabbinic endorsements, leaders from all different backgrounds and communities have gone out of their way to support the program, and are often honored as Sandek at the Brit Milah ceremony.

Persons interested in the circumcision program can receive a courtesy pick-up from F.R.E.E. for transport to the hospital where a mohel performs a state-of-the-art, professional, painless procedure with local anesthesia and little to no after-effect. In addition to the procedure, the circumcision ceremony provides an excellent opportunity to receive a Hebrew name.

Our ancestor Abraham was circumcised at age 99. In part, this teaches us that no Jew should be left out of this mitzvah, regardless of age. Each Jew that takes advantage of F.R.E.E.’s circumcision program forms another link in a 4,000 year-old chain of commitment to Judaism’s higher calling

Proud to be Jewish: Despite the pain, a child displays his joy at his circumcision

For more information, to schedule a Bris, or to have the merit of being a Sandek, please call F.R.E.E.


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Certified Mohelim

Rabbi Romi Cohn, OBM
Rabbi Morris H. Abraham
Rabbi Levi Y. Heber
Rabbi Yisroel Heller
Rabbi Yitzchok Kruger
Rabbi Yosef Okunov
Rabbi Eliyahu Shain
Rabbi Colev Zafir

Pictures of Rabbis who ere honored at FREE's Circumcision Program

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