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Distinguished Rabbis At F.R.E.E. Circumcision Program

Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe (FREE)

F.R.E.E. Circumcision Program has attracted the support and recognition of respected leading rabbis of the world over. As reflected in this gallery, rabbis and community leaders from a varied of backgrounds and widespread communities have come out to support the work of F.R.E.E. and encourage members of their communities to partake in this vital mitzvah.

In addition to the photographs, we offer some endorsement letters of leading rabbinical authorities who were unable to attend the Brit ceremony in person, but instead wrote a letter-of-support for this most important mitzvah, to help our Russian-Jewish brethren enter the covenant of our patriarch Abraham.

If you are interested in the merit of being Sandek at a Brit ceremony, please contact Rabbi Mayer Okunov at F.R.E.E. Headquarters (718) 467-0860 or Email:

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