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Anti-Missionary Campaign

Anti-Missionary Campaign

Christianity has an existential problem. It claims to replace Judaism and the Jewish people as G-D’s chosen vehicle to “bring Light unto the Nations.” Much to the irritation of Christian leaders, Jews and Judaism still exists.

Yehudam age 9, in the Dining Room of Evangelical Baptist Camp in Connecticut
Yehuda, age 12, on a ski trup organized by FREE's Youth Club

After thousands of years, the Jewish people are still central to world history, and Judaism has failed to fade into irrelevance as predicted by Christian doctrine. In fact, it is growing stronger. In an effort to solve this existential problem and address suffering credibility, Christian missionaries have a long and disturbing history of preying upon Jews who lack a firm base in their own tradition. By trying to convert Jews, missionaries set out to accomplish spiritually, what Hitler tried to do physically, make Jews and Judaism disappear.

Due to years of oppressive regimes, many Russian Jews lack background and knowledge in their heritage, making them prime targets for missionary advances. This problem is compounded by the natural spiritual yearning of Russian Jews. Missionaries utilize smooth talk, deception, and material enticements such as cheap meals and summer camp fee scholarships to lead Russian Jews away from their inheritance, and the truth.

FREE meets missionary deception head on. Using a three-prong attack of information campaigns, under-cover infiltration, and de-programming, FREE’s success is frustrating missionary efforts. FREE’s Anti-Missionary successes can be encapsulated in the daring rescue of over 700 Russian Jewish children from the Baptist Missionary Camp in Ashford, Connecticut. FREE meets with parents and discusses their Judaism, the brainwashing activities of the camp, and alternatives to the missionary camp. FREE maintains continuous follow-up with Russian Jews who were the subject of missionary efforts, provides Jewish programs all year long, and long Shabbaton weekends designed to de-program children of missionary propaganda while fostering Jewish identity, knowledge, and pride.

In the same pro-active spirit, FREE actively combats missionaries by monitoring Russian media for advertisements to missionary events disguised as Jewish holiday parties. FREE sends anti-missionary staff to these events to interact with Jewish guests and discuss the truths about Judaism and the untruths in missionary efforts. FREE organizes multiple information campaigns, special rallies in Russian neighborhoods, and publishes numerous publications in Russian exposing unfounded missionary arguments and misinterpretations of the Bible. FREE’s anti-missionary efforts are working. While they may be frustrating to missionaries seeking to lead Jews astray, offering a healthy Jewish alternative is having an untold positive impact on Russian Jewish immigrant families.

For more information about FREE’s Anti-Missionary Campaign, call (718) 467-0860.