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New Book Presents Mikvah Use to Russian-Speaking Audience

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Jewish community officials in the United States and the former Soviet Union hailed the publication of a book about mikvah use written entirely in Russian.

Entitled Mayim Chayim, or “Living Waters,” and written by Rabbi Michael and Sima Koritz, the book presents the laws of family purity in an easy to understand manner, said Rabbi Boruch Gorin, editor-in-chief.

This new book was published jointly by the F.R.E.E. Publishing House, a division of Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe, headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, and the Lechaim Publishing House, a unit of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, based in Moscow.

The advantage is that “this is a halachic book written in Russian,” said Gorin. “Typically, books of this nature are written in Yiddish or Hebrew first, and then translated into Russian.

“The aim was to write a book for people who can learn Torah, as well as for people who know little about Yiddishkeit or how to read Hebrew,” elaborated Gorin. “This is a book that every Russian-speaking Jewish family can read. They will find answers to all their questions about family purity.”

For more information about Jewish books available in Russian, contact: F.R.E.E. Publishing House, at 718-467-0860 ext. 123, or e-mail: The book can be ordered online at: