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Russian Jews in Germany to Benefit From Chabad Translated Jewish Living Guides

FREE Publishing House, the world’s first publisher of authentic Judaic literature in modern Russian, has collaborated with Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchim in Germany to re-publish its famous Mezuzah Guide in Russian, with a press run of over 100,000 copies.

Rabbi Eliezer Chitrik, Chabad Shliach to Nornberg, who coordinated this project between the Shluchim in Germany, credited Rabbi Mayer Okunov and the staff at the FREE Publishing House based in Brooklyn, New York with facilitating reproduction rights of their publications for the benefit of tens of thousands of Russian Jews now residing in Germany. Also reproduced was the Jewish Holiday Guide Series published for all major Jewish holidays.

These publications are available by contacting the FREE Publishing House at: 718-467-0860 ext. 118, or emailing To access the Virtual Jewish Russian Bookstore visit

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