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Book for Russian-speaking Jews in Germany

Russian Jews living in Germany can learn about the mezuzah in a free Russian-language book.

Emissaries of the Chabad Lubavitch organization in Germany have collaborated with the Brooklyn-based FREE Publishing House to bring out 100,000 copies of the Chabad “Mezuzah Guide” in Russian. The book is a guide on the use and traditions of the mezuzah.

The aim of the new edition is to reach the Russian-speaking Jews who have immigrated to Germany since the fall of the Soviet Union. An estimated 200,000 people with Jewish backgrounds have come to Germany from the states of the former Soviet Union since 1990. Only about half of them affiliate with the Jewish community.

According to a Dec. 26 announcement from Chabad headquarters in New York, Rabbi Eliezer Chitrik, the Chabad emissary in Nuremberg, coordinated this project with his fellow emissaries in Germany, working with Rabbi Mayer Okunov and the staff at the FREE Publishing House. They also reproduced the “Jewish Holiday Guide” series in Russian.

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