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Rite of Passage

By Paul Benson
March 26, 1993

It was my pleasure to attend a very special ceremony, the Upsherinish held at the Hakoah Club for Levi, the three year old son of Rabbi & Rebbetzin Ulman. At the Upsherinish Levi’s hair was cut for the first time and was cut in a special way, leaving the sides long. This Jewish ceremony is a milestone in a child’s life marking the beginning of the long process of Jewish education; it also highlights the responsibilities parents have to their children. Also in attendance was the Minister for Immigration, Philip Ruddock. Rabbi Ulman, the only Russian speaking rabbi in NSW, is head of FREE, Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe, under the umbrella of the Chabad Lubavitch. He is also a member of the Beth Din (the Jewish Ecclesiastical Court)

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