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FREE’s Jewish Russian Calendar Goes Global

FREE Publishing House, the publishing arm of Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe, has completed its major distribution of the Filimonov Jewish-Russian Calendar for 5767/2006-07.

The elegance of the calendar can be seen in the graceful and artistic manner, in which it is graphically displayed. This year’s calendar features a variety of paintings of prominent world renowned artists such as: Albert Benaroya; Boris Shapiro; Alex Levin; Yossi Rosenstein; Chanoch Liberman; Zalman Kleinman; and Baruch Nachson.

In addition, the text of the calendar has been updated by Rabbis Mayer Okunov and Sholomo Galperin, to include the necessary laws and customs pertaining to each holiday, so that it can be used as a practical guide for its readers in a clear and simple way.

The Filimonov Jewish Russian Calendar was underwritten by Mikhail Filimonov and Vadim Iosilevich, among the first Jewish emigres to arrive in the United States from the Soviet Union when it was still nearly impossible to get out of that country. Mikhail and his brother Gennady were two of FREE’s first bris (circumcision) candidates in 1970, shortly after FREE was established at the directive of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

The calendar has been distributed to tens of thousands of Russian Jews worldwide through the 12 F.R.E.E. centers, and other Jewish organizations throughout North America, Canada, Europe and Australia, working with Jews from the Former Soviet Union. The calendars have also been printed in specialized editions in order to indicate proper candle-lighting times for each city and enable organizations to have it personalized with their local times and information.

The printing and distribution of the calendars is amongst a wide array of services offered by FREE’s holiday awareness campaign. “During the oppressive regimes of the Soviet Union, Russian Jews were denied access to the richness and beauty of their heritage. The holiday awareness campaign was formed to fill this gap,” says Rabbi Mayer Okunov, chairman of FREE.

For more information about FREE’s holiday awareness campaign or to obtain a copy of the new calendar, contact FREE Publishing House at (718) 467-0860 Ext. 118 or e-mail

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