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FREE Publishes New Russian-Language Megillah

FREE Publishing House, the publishing arm of Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe, has just released a new revised edition of the Megillat Esther, featuring the original Hebrew text with accompanying Russian translation. The new edition has been enhanced in several ways. The whole volume, both Hebrew and Russian, has been reset in a clear, crisp typeface. The Russian translation, while still based on the original edition, has been amended to read even more smoothly.

Following the megillah is an additional 30 plus pages that contain a chapter on Purim from FREE’s yet-to-be-published book, Jewish Holiday and Festivals. This chapter includes the holiday’s background, its history and laws, as well as its practical lessons and current relevance – some 2300 years later.

Now in its ninth edition, the megillah went to print with a press run of 10,000 copies. The distribution of the megillahs is among a wide array of projects offered by FREE’s Holiday Awareness Campaign.

For more information or to obtain a copy of the new Megillat Esther in Russian, call (718) 467-0860 x 118. You can also write to F.R.E.E., 1383 President Street, Brooklyn N.Y. 11213, or e-mail them at

 Click here to view a PDF of the Megillah.
 This Book is available online at FREE Publishing House Bookstore.

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