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Torah Completion Celebration at FREE Headquarters

Sunday, February 19, 2006, hundreds gathered at the FREE Headquarters to honor the completion of a new Sefer Torah Scroll, dedicated to the memory of Ravchida ben Gilad Safaniev, of blessed memory.

Mr. Gregory Safaniev, honorary member of FREE, has commissioned a scribe, on the occasion of his fathers first Yahrtzeit, to write the new Torah Scroll to be used for services at the Synagogue of FREE Headquarters – America�s first Russian Synagogue.

Those in attendance who witnessed as the scribe completed the letters of the Torah’s final verse, realized how fortunate we are to welcome this new Torah Scroll � the latest link in a holy, eternal chain.

Read an article reporting the event

Click here to read the Proclamation issued by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz proclaiming: Sunday, February 19th�Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe, Sefer Torah Completion Celebration Day, in Brooklyn, USA�

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