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Rabbi Dovid Okunov at Camp FREE Gan Israel Summer Camp

The Public Address of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Sunday August 15, 1976, FREE held its first Gala Pidyan Haben Ceremony at camp FREE Gan Israel Summer Camp, Parksville, New York. The head table flanked with distinguished guest: Pictured left to right is Rabbis: Leibel Lipsker, Dovid Okounv, Mr. Gegerman, A. Pliskin, Avroham Shemtov. Rabbi Hirs Chitrik, Moshe Pincos Katz, Zalmen Shimon Dworkin, Asher Kirsblum, Zev Nisenevitz (speaking).

One of FREE’s Gala Bar Mitzvah ceromonies at Camp FREE/Gan Israel, located in Kiryat Gan Israel, Parksville, NY. Special delegation of honorary guests included Rabbis (front row from L. to R.): Gorowitz, Yeshoshua Korf, Mendel Gorelik, Abba Pliskin, Dovber Chein, Dovid Okunov. Staff (standing) are Rabbis Zalman Shagalov, member of FREE’s honorary Committee; Elazar Gorelick, Director of FREE in Melbourne; Mayer Okunov, Chairman of FREE; Mendel Okunov, Principle of FREE’s High School; Moshe Chaim Levin, Director of Chabad of Kensington; Yosef Volovic, Shlomo Galperin, teacher at FREE’s high-school.

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