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The Rebbe Signs His Name “M. Zeide”

The Public Address of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Kfar Chabad

October 15, 2004

This past Tuesday, 4th of Mar Cheshvan marked 25 years since the tragic death of Rabbi Dovid Okunov, who was brutally murdered on his way to Shacharis. At the farbrengen that followed the Rebbe spoke at length about the tragic incident and cried bitterly. One could see the Rebbe in deep pain as he said “a man who sacrificed his life in Russia and succeeded to come out of there and settle in a free land should be murdered on his way to a mitzvah.

The Kfar Chabad Magazine of this week published a unique letter in Russian from the Rebbe. It was written on 25th Elul, 5724/1964, and was addressed to Harav Hachosid Hatomim Reb Dovid Okinov, Hy’d, when the latter was still living in the former Soviet Union. The Rebbe signs the letter, “M.Zeide.”

A free translation of the letter is as follows:

“To my dear grandson Dovid, Shalom.

I was very happy to receive regards from you. I was also very pleased to be informed that you have received an “invitation” to live together with your relatives, and I wish you much happiness. May Hashem Yisborach grant that all of your wishes are fulfilled without any difficulties, in the most complete measure. And may we all stand together in time for the Chagim.

With best wishes to all of you for the New Year.

M. Zeide.”

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